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Why Your Athletic Facility Needs Fake Grass

Why Your Athletic Facility Needs Fake Grass

Fake grass and artificial turf have grown in popularity in recent years for a number of critical reasons. The bottom line is one that resonates with every organization, municipality, and athletic league: money and time.

If you’re wondering why your athletic facility needs fake grass, just take a look at your organization’s bills. Every month many facilities find themselves paying hundreds, if not thousands of dollars maintaining fields and practice areas.

With fake grass, your water bill will plummet, and your need for regular maintenance can virtually disappear, reducing your bottom line and freeing up crucial time for gameplay and practice. Here are some other reasons why switching to fake grass can be beneficial for your athletic facility located in Los Angeles, Orange County, Irvine, and other cities within the greater Los Angeles area.

Fake grass does not require irrigation or sprinklers.

Most outdoor facilities require elaborate irrigation systems and a full crew to maintain the perfect green turf used for athletic purposes. With fake grass, no additional water will be needed.

ProGreen’s always green turf will look perfect without the need for water. Our products are designed to absorb and shed water at high rates, with perforated backing or our patent-pending ProFlow system. You will also avoid brown spots and the need to repair damaged grass by choosing artificial turf.

Artificial turf eliminates the need for...

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