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Why Synthetic Turf Is Ideal for Your Business

Why Synthetic Turf Is Ideal for Your Business

When you run a business, you have many things on your mind and no time with which to complete those tasks.

Installing synthetic turf means you can take lawn maintenance off of that task list. The exterior of your property is often the first thing that customers see and what makes them draw their first impression of your business. If the exterior looks like it hasn’t been kept up with—overgrown grass, plants, shrubs—then often, that impression won’t be a good one.

Real grass needs to be maintained constantly in order for it to look healthy and great. By installing artificial turf at your commercial property, you can virtually eliminate that maintenance, giving you back some of your most valuable resource: your time.

Here are some other aspects you should consider regarding why synthetic turf is ideal for your business that is located in or around Los Angeles, Orange County, Irvine, and other nearby California areas like Santa Clarita and Newport Beach.

Environmentally-Friendly Artificial Turf Reduces Water Usage & Pollution

Artificial turf at this doggy daycare in Orange County, CA drains quickly.

To keep real grass at optimal condition, irrigation systems need to be installed. The grass has to be watered routinely for it to stay green, meaning your property is using up a lot of our valuable water resources here in Southern California.

Real grass also requires a lot of chemical usage, such as fertilizer, weed control, and insecticide to make sure it stays healthy. When you elect...

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