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How Fake Turf Benefits Dogs & Pets

How Fake Turf Benefits Dogs & Pets

When considering options for your lawn in Los Angeles, Irvine, Orange County, and surrounding areas in California, one great option is to choose artificial grass, especially if you’re a pet owner.

Fake turf offers many benefits for dogs and pets, including better drainage, less danger, and more. Here are some reasons why pet owners should think about installing artificial turf in their lawns.

Fake Grass Eliminates Poisonous Plants & Places for Insects to Live

When pets go outside, they are naturally inclined to sniff around and investigate their surroundings. In real grass, this can lead to health concerns from both poisonous plants and hazardous insects such as fleas and ticks.

According to the SPCA of Los Angeles, common poisonous plants in our area that can negatively affect pets include:

  • Oleander
  • Nightshade
  • Pokeweed
  • Jimson weed
  • English ivy
  • Honeysuckle
  • Morning glory
  • Mushrooms

Pets are prone to chewing on these types of plants and thus can be poisoned by them. When artificial turf is installed in your yard, this gives them a safe space to run and play without the worry of being exposed to these plants.

Another issue pets can encounter in a yard with real grass is running into insects that could harm them in some way. These insects include fleas, ants, wasps, and others. They could also end up with spider bites or tick bites, which can lead to further complications.

Fake grass provides a hazard-free...

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